Ink Poems

Ink art by Joshua Tree, CA human Michael Phillips using traditional materials and vintage mediums.

inkstick inkstone brush old book
SPX FTW! 2014Arnie's shoeking jackassKaraoke fever! #12Pep talks were no useKaraoke fever! #1Don't ask, don't tellOde to joyYou're probably in trouble anywayHe let his fists do the talkingEarly scienceDays without sleep, beepDead language lost in spaceSame as it ever wasYou'd think it was obviousKaraoke fever! #11mean old man with a bag of catsklankRonald's parasitic twin amused him to no endKaraoke fever! #5Generic old crankkill the pope!THE SLAVES WILL NOT RUN AWAYBorn too lateKaraoke fever! #4Jimmy is 100% punk rock!war is not the answer, only love can conquerA few minutes of uncomfortable silenceTruth in advertising22 years of driving a cabMolly want a cracker?Stick with what you knowKaraoke is so awesome!Karaoke fever! #19Karaoke fever! #27Hank has been going around town dressed as Charlie ChaplinAlfred, Alfred, AlfredPlagued by terrible nightmares