Ink Poems

Ink art by Joshua Tree, CA human Michael Phillips using traditional materials and vintage mediums.

inkstick inkstone brush old book
The jeans she wore in high schoolNow that's what I call a stash!dance, toothy!Not as easy as it looksA few minutes of uncomfortable silenceStick with what you knowJag is concernedEmbracing TechnologyKaraoke fever! #11Jimmy is 100% punk rock!other than that, I think the Irish are fine folksI'm a fucking tourist!Jesus angelking jackassJessica chews glass and walks on fire - live!Moral of the storyklankBooze raccoonsStick 'em up!Old man Fletcher thinksReynaldo wears a masklost in the Amazon jungleYour ironic facial hair is disturbing the childrenA legend in his own (checkout) lineKaraoke fever! #28Truth in advertisingDead man in a science beakerKaraoke fever! #27THE SLAVES WILL NOT RUN AWAYKaraoke fever! #2Karaoke fever! #9Science is frighteningKaraoke fever! #7Do monkeys dream of electric sheep?Mickey was a comicKaraoke fever! #22Watch your step, or don't, it doesn't really matterMolly want a cracker?