Ink Poems

Ink art by Joshua Tree, CA human Michael Phillips using traditional materials and vintage mediums.

inkstick inkstone brush old book
Karaoke fever! #27One on every blockKaraoke fever! #20You're probably in trouble anywaydance, toothy!I'm a fucking tourist!Karaoke fever! #11Karaoke fever! #4A few minutes of uncomfortable silenceDead language lost in spaceHank has been going around town dressed as Charlie ChaplinTake a bow, Larry!Mickey was a comicSarah is in love with StanIf robots looked like skeletonsJust relax, it'll passDays without sleep, beepwelcome to my nightmareKaraoke fever! #9No pain, no gainking jackassNot paying attentionPlagued by terrible nightmaresKaraoke fever! #8Things you learn on the roaduncomfortable camouflageTick tockRonald's parasitic twin amused him to no endKaraoke fever! #19Karaoke fever! #14With your own eyesKaraoke fever! #5Lily's nose was fine, reallyGeneric old crankHe can't spell, eitherOde to joyGeorge's special hatKaraoke fever! #13