Ink Poems

Ink art by Joshua Tree, CA human Michael Phillips using traditional materials and vintage mediums.

inkstick inkstone brush old book
You're probably in trouble anywayA legend in his own (checkout) lineYour ironic facial hair is disturbing the childrenDo monkeys dream of electric sheep?Ken dropped out of clown schoolwar is not the answer, only love can conquerProfessor Kline believesHe let his fists do the talkingKaraoke fever! #18But I called him CurlyEnthusiasm isn't always contagiousArnie's shoeBicentennial quarters please!Karaoke fever! #21New fetish wearKaraoke fever! #16His secret is no longer secretkill the pope!Karaoke fever! #9The world laughs with youDead language lost in spaceAs long as he's happyKaraoke is so awesome!Dead man in a science beakerTick tockI feel good. fuck you!Karaoke fever! #11Karaoke fever! #25Pep talks were no useSomeone was talkingTHE SLAVES WILL NOT RUN AWAYYou'd think it was obviousadult baby support groupMolly want a cracker?Karaoke fever! #28uncomfortable camouflageBorn too lateKaraoke fever! #6