Ink Poems

Ink art by Joshua Tree, CA human Michael Phillips using traditional materials and vintage mediums.

inkstick inkstone brush old book
You'd think it was obvioushit the road, assholeDays without sleep, beepuncomfortable camouflageI have been to Paris!Karaoke fever! #15Break on through to the other sci-enceGeneric old crankmean old man with a bag of catsDon't call him LesJag is concernedking jackassSarah is in love with StanBorn too lateNow that's what I call a stash!It's just for looksMr. McCaan talked out of the side of his mouthAnd maybe smarterMickey was a comicA few minutes of uncomfortable silenceLily's nose was fine, reallyProfessor Kline believesother than that, I think the Irish are fine folksHe forgot to give it a soulKaraoke fever! #6No pain, no gainKaraoke fever! #24Let's tie this up and move onDo monkeys dream of electric sheep?Jesus angelKaraoke fever! #20He says it was deliciousTake a bow, Larry!Reynaldo wears a maskKaraoke fever! #8Karaoke fever! #10Patty PepperStick with what you know