Available Ink Poems

Here are the pieces that are still available for purchase. Listen, I'm not suggesting that you have to buy something, but you're already here, so why not make the best of it.

Things you learn on the roadDon't ask, don't tellHe let his fists do the talkingEarly scienceYou'd think it was obviousEnthusiasm isn't always contagiousNot paying attentionWhich is why we moved a lotHey, why not?Same as it ever wasHe can't spell, eitherOne on every blockScience is frighteningDon't call him LesNow that's what I call a stash!You tell him...Just relax, it'll passBooze raccoonsDo monkeys dream of electric sheep?No pain, no gainTake a bow, Larry!Embracing TechnologyNow hear thiskill the pope!walkin' the dogWith your own eyesDon't be a square, manHe says it was deliciousYou're probably in trouble anywayI believe the children are the future...but they scare meGood luck BarbaraLily's nose was fine, reallyArnie's shoeother than that, I think the Irish are fine folkswar is not the answer, only love can conquerDays without sleep, beepWillie dug through his pockets for money he knew was not therePlagued by terrible nightmaresKaraoke is so awesome!The jeans she wore in high schoolReynaldo wears a maskMr. McCaan talked out of the side of his mouthMickey was a comicI'm a fucking tourist!lost in the Amazon jungleTick tockI feel good. fuck you!Jesus angelTremendously oversized hands and a scalp like a pineappleProfessor Kline believesHis secret is no longer secretJimmy is 100% punk rock!Stick 'em up!Ken dropped out of clown school