mjp.ink - Karaoke fever! #22

Karaoke fever! #22

Made on a page of the 1793 book, Complettes Oeuvres De J. J. Rousseau, 3 5/8 x 5 7/8"

One of a series of 28 illustrations I did for this book project for Bill Roberts' Bottle of Smoke Press.

Lionel Richie. Now there is one smooth motherfucker. Don't even pretend you weren't down with the Commodores. Take that lie somewhere else, man. I know better than that. All right, so post-Commodores there wasn't a lot there. Okay, he sucked on his own. There, I said it. But dude was in the Commodores, man! Show some respect. Jesus, it's like a pack of wild dogs in here. Ready to rip a motherfucker up who was in the Commodores, for christ's sake! Try to comport yourself with at least a modicum of decency and respect!

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