mjp.ink - Karaoke fever! #14

Karaoke fever! #14

Made on a page of the 1793 book, Complettes Oeuvres De J. J. Rousseau, 3 5/8 x 5 7/8"

One of a series of 28 illustrations I did for this book project for Bill Roberts' Bottle of Smoke Press.

One of those songs that everyone thinks is idiotic, yet it sells 500 million copies. Oddly enough, I heard it on the radio recently and rather than quickly turning it off I decided to really listen to it, maybe for the first time. So I gave it my attention and listened to the sounds, the lyrics, the vibe, man. And you know what? It's an idiotic song on every level. The video is good though, because it features the singer doing that weird eyeball thing that she does, and weird girls are usually pretty cool.

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