mjp.ink - A legend in his own (checkout) line

A legend in his own (checkout) line

Made on a page of the 1708 book, An Exposition the Five Poetical Books of the Old Testament, Vol. II, 5 1/2 x 7 3/8"

One of the covers for the deluxe hardcover edition of the Chance Press Ink Poems book.

Do you ever pretend that something other than reality is going on around you just to get through the day? Of course you do.

I used to have an 80+ mile round trip commute every day - in Los Angeles traffic - and I would imagine that the button on the end of my parking break shot missiles out the side of my car. I probably murdered some of you on the 110 freeway. No hard feelings.

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A legend in his own (checkout) line - click to enlarge!